Welcome to the CAPES Study

CAPES is a longitudinal study investigating how prospective (pregnant) and current parents think about child emotions, and how this relates to their parenting and their children’s development.

We are currently seeking parents of children aged 0-9 and couples who are currently pregnant with their first child to participate in our study. Participants will be required to complete an online survey which will ask questions about your views about emotions, family relationships and life circumstances.

This study is led by Dr. Elizabeth Westrupp who is a senior lecturer and clinical psychologist at Deakin University’s School of Psychology within the Faculty of Health.

The CAPES team also includes associate researchers Dr Jacqui McDonald, Dr Clair Bennett, A/Prof Sophie Havighurst, Dr Christiane Kehoe, Dr George Youssef,  Mr Tomer Berkowitz, and Ms Prabha Mishra. Student researchers are Christine Staines-Magee, Emily Bell, Gabriella King, Henry Teo, Lauren Crawley, Marnie Bruce, and Michael Tawdrous.

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For further information, please contact Dr. Westrupp and the CAPES team.

Phone: +61 3 924 68974

Email: capestudy@deakin.edu.au

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